Kangaroo-Cadet Test Preparation

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  • The duration of the competition is 3 hours.
  • 30 problems to solve: ten – 3 points each, ten – 4 points each and ten – 5 points each.
  • Calculators are not allowed. You may use basic geometric tools.
  • Scope of problems:
    • operations on rational numbers.
    • powers of natural numbers.
    • equations, inequalities and systems of linear equations.
    • area of a rectangle, a triangle and a circle.
    • lines and rays on a surface.
    • volume and surface area of geometric figures.
    • angles: acute, right, and obtuse.
    • supplementary angles, sum of angles in a triangle and in a quadrilateral.
    • mathematical logic
(Source : http://ikmc.kangaroo.org.pk/ )


Grade 7 Kangaroo-Cadet Preparation

Algebra, Integers, Symmetry, Data Handling, Logical Reasoning, Fractions, Mensuration - Perimeter, Area, Volume, etc., Geometry, Exponents and Powers, Decimals, Rational Numbers, Percentages, Ratio & Proportions, Congruence of Triangles, Heron's Formula


Grade 8 Kangaroo-Cadet Preparation

Algebra, Rational Numbers, Square and Square Roots, Graphs, Cubes and Cube Root, Exponents and Powers, Mensuration - Perimeter, Area, Volume, etc., Data Handling, Unitary Method, Percentages, Logical Reasoning, Natural and Whole Numbers, Linear Equations In One Variable, Geometry, Ratio & Proportions, Integers, Symmetry, Comparing Quantities, Polygons, Fractions

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